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Personal Info Security


(1)Yantai Sanyo Plastic Product Co. Ltd is processed through this site (“site”) to collect personal information manager. Yantai Sanyo plastic products Co., Ltd. to respect your privacy, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant processing network of the people’s Republic of China personal information to process your information.

(2)This statement will introduce how we deal with all the personal information collected through the website, and the rights of access and correct the personal information.

(3)Yantai Sanyo plastic products company limited rights to modify this statement right, these changes to take effect immediately change statement released. Recommend that you regularly read the statement, statement of understanding the situation changes.

2.Scope and collect personal information

(1)Our aim to collect your personal information to provide you a better product, service, optimize and enrich your experience of the user, the personal information system can alone or in conjunction with other information to identify your personal identity information, including:

①The name

②The mobile phone

③The other information that you enter at a site on the form (e-mail, license plate number, address, etc.)

④Any personal information in your uploaded to the website content contained in

(2)All the personal information you provide is voluntary. You have the right to refuse to provide, but if you refuse to provide some personal information, you may not be able to use our products, services, or may cause a certain impact on the product or service you use.

(3)For less than 18 year-old users should read this statement and license has been in the legal guardian of the case, to submit personal information through the website.

3.The use and disclosure of personal information

(1)You agree, Yantai SANYO plastic products Co., Ltd can use and disclosure of personal information in the following ways (including for the storage and handling of personal information):

①We (including branches) to use;

②We to the Associate Company (including but not limited to the Yantai SANYO plastic products Co., Ltd. Affiliated Companies, holding company and Associate Companies etc.) and by the use of disclosure;

③We related to the dealers and manufacturers to disclose by its use;

④We and the Associate Company and related dealers and manufacturers to meet the needs of your information to contact you, provided by you;

⑤We and the Associate Company and related dealers, manufacturers will regularly or sent to you regularly about products, services or activities related to information, you agree to receive the information.

(2)As you agree to receive and / or use the side from above personal information for information disclosure and use in accordance with the law declares the case caused or may cause all claims, liabilities and losses.

4.Corrections or Complaints

If you need to query, modify or amend your personal information, or have any questions or complaints about the protection of personal information, you can call 0535-6729281 to contact us.