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Yantai SANYO plastic products Co., Ltd. website is in charge of by Yantai SANYO plastic products Co., Ltd. website maintenance network department. The website provides the number on the recommendation, thinking comments, betting skills, kill number set bile and filtering tools analysis chart data and data from the public information source and color with different network of experts, has an important reference significance of betting, represents many of the experts and the idea, but even so, this web site is not assume the information accuracy responsibility, information to improve accuracy and operation of improving accuracy but also depend on you for these information two times screening and confirmation, operation should be cautious, information is for reference only.

Because of information provide error or negligence or personnel and operation personnel source itself or the negligence, improper use and any errors occur, thus causing any loss or registered users and the general page browsing by, the network does not assume any responsibility.

Investors on the basis of this network to provide information caused by the profit and loss has nothing to do with the net purchase.